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If the answer isn’t a confident YES then I know that I can help you change your whole outlook on your wardrobe.

We’ve all struggled with our style- wheter that is knowing how to dress our changing bodies, knowing how to find the colors and styles that suit us best, or pushing ourselves out of the safety zone that is our tried and true all black wardobe.

Changing your style doesn’t just consist of replacing your clothes, but also of transforming your whole self image. It’s letting go of things that know longer represent who you are, embracing new and often more exciting choices.

As your personal stylist, I will be there to guide you, surprise you, and to be totally honest with you. We will work together to enhance your own personal style and to find clothes that work perfectly for your body type and coloring.

Working with me is easy, stress free, and eye opening. You will learn, you will laugh, and you will look at yourself in a new light. You can be as involved or hands off with the shopping as you would like, I have various services that are tailored to meet your needs.

Check out the services below or feel free to book a free video call if you have any questions!

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Closet Review

There has to be something great already in my closet, right?!?

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Shop With Me

I always end up buying the same safe things! What else looks good on me?!

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Shop For Me

Ugh, I need new clothes, but hate shopping! Help!

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Your Best Colors

What colors will really make me shine and glow?

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Mama Styling

How am I supposed to dress this completely different body?

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Dress My Kid

Wait, I need to buy my kids all new clothes again?!?!

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Bekah came with me shopping and we picked out so many outfit options. I have never felt so confident and comfortable. She was able to help me out of my comfort zone in the best way! She picked things I would have never picked for myself, but those were the ones I ended up getting. She paired them to make me feel so confident and beautiful. I definitely would use her services again!

Staci R

I had a great afternoon going through my entire closet with Bekah as my style consultant and advisor. She works quick and is an honest pair of eyes that helped me to get my closet down to only the essentials. Really recommend the service for people looking to create a minimalist closet!

April P.

Bekah is amazing! She has fabulous style, combined with a driven personality and passion for style. I attended one of her workshops and left feeling confident, rejuvenated and renewed. I’m looking forward to using more of her services in the future.

Alissa K.

Before shopping with Bekah, I was always very cautious with what I wore, and was afraid to wear anything too bold. As a result, I didn’t allow myself to express my personality too much through what I wore. Bekah helped me pick out clothes that looked great, fit my body type, and expressed my personality. She listened closely to my preferences and helped me build confidence to wear clothes that made me look great! I can’t recommend her enough!

Michael C.
Need some help navigating shopping and want to have a good time doing it? Look no further! After 2 kids and the pandemic, I had lost a bit of my identity to leggings, sweat pants and basic tees. I needed some help to get out of my comfort zone and head back to the office. Bekah took the time to understand my desired style and really helped me explore new and exciting ways to dress my new, post-partum body. During our fun, yet efficient shopping trip, she helped me pick out items to try on, exchange sizes when I needed it (which is when I probably would have given up), and helped me build 6 different outfits. She also gave me tips on how I could use items we bought with pieces I already had and she sent a follow up message to me about items that I wanted in a different size but they didn’t have in store. Bekah’s service helped me purchase a new wardrobe and reminded me I’m not just “mom”! Thank you!
Frankie S.

Nothing to wear, nothing to feel confortable in, nothing to make me shine, that was before I met Bekah ! She came at my place, helped me to sort and organize my closet, made me try new associations and gave me her precious advices. Bekah is such an amazing profesional, I was always at ease with her. Most of all, she gave me some confidence back. The closet review with Bekah, was definitely the best me-time invest, I have made in the past year. I definitely recommend it.

Windy K.

I attended a workshop with Bekah to discuss life after becoming a new mom and it was great! I really appreciated connecting with other moms but also the opportunity to reflect on the changes in life in a structured way. Highly recommend if you have the chance to work with Bekah.

Lisa R.

Bekah is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to balance the juggling act known as motherhood. Besides being chock full of info about who, what & where on all things mom & kids related in Amsterdam – she has excellent style & taste and would be a valuable addition to anyone looking to update their wardrobe. She’s personable & efficient!

Hava P.

“Had an amazing color analysis session with Bekah! From the get-go, she was friendly and made me comfortable. Loved the interactive approach; she let me share my thoughts on color palettes. Created a great atmosphere for discovery. Identified my “wow” colors and gave me a handy wallet template. Following her advice, I bought clothes in those colors—what a difference! Highly recommend Bekah; she’s warm, friendly, and professional.”

Andreea N

Today I attended a colour analysis with Bekah. I had a such a fun morning learning all about what colours compliment my features and skin tone. Bekah is a fountain of knowledge and I walked away feeling much more content and confident in how to feel better about myself and my clothes. The whole experience was wonderful! Thanks Bekah !

Gemma L.
Last weekend my partner and I had the pleasure of meeting with Bekah to complete a Best Colors analysis and it was a remarkable experience! If you have been wanting to learn more about your color palette, or about color theory in general, I would highly recommend consulting Bekah. Her warm and welcoming personality, mixed with her deep well of knowledge makes for such a fun experience.

It was so interesting to analyze what colors we were initially drawn to, to see how we viewed each other’s palettes, and to learn what truly complimented each of us. Bekah really considers your perspective so that it is truly a collaboration.

I’m looking forward to working with Bekah in the future for other fashion endeavors!

Emilee P.

My daughter was born 1 year ago and I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my new body. I did a « shop with me » session with Bekah and feel like a new person! My confidence has been boosted and I went home with 5 new outfits: some for work, some for social events and one for date night (all approved by hubby 😊). She has shown me a whole new style that I didn’t think was for my body type. I really appreciated her kindness, her eye for detail and her bubbly personality! Let’s be honest being treated like a queen and not having to do anything for 3 hours felt AMAZING! I recommend to anyone who feels a bit stuck style wise.

Sand C.

Bekah is amazing! I really enjoyed my Best Colors experience with her. I was shocked by the results and super impressed with her knowledge and tips! Thanks Bekah!

Sarah R.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Your Best Colors analysis with Bekah, and it was truly eye-opening! I was amazed to discover which colors truly complement my skin tone and hair color – quite a surprise since they were not the ones I initially expected. For so long, I’ve found myself gravitating towards neutrals and shades that, in hindsight, did little to accentuate my natural features. This session has been a revelation, granting me the confidence to embrace colors that feel like they’re tailor-made for me, enhancing my appearance in ways similar to makeup by adding a flush to my cheeks and a sparkle to my eyes.

Bekah possesses such a a warm and inviting charisma that made the entire hour-long session feel like a time to pamper myself, as much as it was an educational journey. She has a unique talent for highlighting your best features, making you appreciate your own beauty through a new lens. If you’re looking to discover the colors that truly suit you and wish to boost your confidence, I cannot recommend Bekah’s Your Best Colors analysis enough. It’s not just an analysis; it’s an experience that could very well change how you view yourself and your wardrobe choices. Thank you, Bekah, for such a transformative and uplifting experience!

Christine F.

I was very skeptical about the idea of getting my colors done. However, after my session with Bekah, I couldn’t believe how much sense it made. It was a fun process and Bekah’s expert eye allowed me to see the difference color can make for your face. I’ve never felt comfortable buying clothes for myself. But now, knowing these colors has greatly increased my confidence. Even though it wasn’t what I expected I couldn’t be more happy with it. Bekah’s cheery demeanor also greatly enhanced the experience. She really takes the time to get to know you and your style while she’s working her magic. If you’re skeptical of the idea, I was too, but I can tell you it’s definitely worth it. It will completely change your outlook on color.

Melissa O.

Ik heb met Bekah een closet review gedaan en ber er helemaal blij ermee! Niet alleen is mijn kledingkast weer overzichtelijk; ik kan er nu compleet nieuwe sets mee maken en er zitten geen twijfelkleren meer tussen. Het was een fijne positieve sessie met een geweldige coach!

Anne M.

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