Hi everyone, I’m Bekah Kraakman- your personal style expert! 

I’m originally from the United States of America and have been living in the Netherlands for eight years with my Dutch husband. We have two young boys together who are less than two years apart. I’ve had a variety of jobs here from being a matchmaker to working in real estate! The common thread between all my past jobs is working one on one to help my clients find the desired object that suits them most and makes them feel good. With this company, I have largely the same objective and here is how and why I am ready to style you.

My passion for fashion started when I was just two years old. As a toddler, I already had a strong idea about what I wanted wear and what colors I liked and didn’t want anyone to tell me differently. This continued throughout my childhood as I insisted on picking out my own clothes each morning and looked forward to that back to school shopping trip all year long. I actually won the most fashionable award when I graduated from elementary school in the 5th grade and I was so proud about that for years (maybe i still am?!). 

From there on, my style continued to develop and by high school I really enjoyed  putting together different looks and matching all kinds of pieces and accessories. I wore mostly pants and shirts back then then because I was often restricted by our strict school dress code! 

By University, I was able to properly discover dresses and haven’t really looked back since! It was so amazing to find the pieces that made me feel my best and made me feel the most like me, and my confidence grew tremenously while I was at school. Several of my classmates at Stanford University noticed my eye for fashion and asked me to go shopping with them so I could help them get great outfits for dates, special events, and graduation. 

After my first shopping trip with a classmate, I was hooked! Shopping with someone else and helping them out of their comfort zone and into amazing clothes is electric. I love seeing the huge change in confidence at the start of the trip versus the end. Trust me, you will feel the difference just as much as you see it!

I graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and I have learned first hand how much the way we dress affects how we feel about ourselves. 

I started this company because I am passionate about helping people feel as good as possible and I have a natural eye for fashion. I am ready to be your personal cheerleader as we shop together, take away some of your stress by shopping for you or for your kids while you focus on other things, and to help you have the most epic vacation pictures. I am so thrilled that I get to combine two of by biggest passions and can’t wait to help you get new clothes & confidence!