Dress My Kid

Wait, I need to buy my kids all new clothes again?!?!

Before I became a parent, I never thought about how many clothes it actually requires to outfit your constantly growing child.

Newborns need so many clothes- size 50, size 56, and size 62 – all within the first 3 months!

At the beginning, they need new clothes about every 3 months and after 2 years old they can supposedly wear something for a whole year, but that doesn’t account for growth spurts, seasons or the fact that kids get stains and holes in their clothes faster then you can say “ please stop rubbing that spaghetti sauce all over your body!”

Keeping your little ones in clothes that fit and can handle the ever changing weather of the Netherlands is hard and time consuming work. It’s like a full time job just keeping their little closets stocked! And that’s where I come in!

One of my happy clients showing off her new dress, leggings, and boots!

As parents, you and your partner have enough to worry about. Let me take this one hassle away from you by finding the perfect clothes for your children ahead of when you need them. I shop one size ahead of what your child is currently wearing so that you are always ready for that next growth spurt.

When we meet, I will get a feel for what sort of style you want your little one to have, colors your prefer and what size they need. You can also rest assured that I will take all the important things into account- season when the clothes will be worn, what stores run small, etc, just as I do when shopping for my own sons.

Let’s take finding your kids new clothes off of your to do list!

Dress My Kid

  • 7 outfits, 3 pajamas, and 2 pair of shoes
  • In person intake from the comfort of your own home
  • At least 4 hours of shopping done for you
  • Outfits and items hand chosen based on your style, wishes, and budget
  • A full season of outfits delivered straight to your door
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